There are a multitude of websites providing book reviews and book contests, but very few sites which actually connect authors from all over the world. I stumbled upon Authorsdb (Authors Database) by chance and feel really privileged to be part of their forum for the international community of writers. Authorsdb are very active on Twitter and Facebook and are ideal for new authors to successfully promote their books and what’s great is that they are totally free! Most websites charge writers to join or to participate in book contests for example, but Authorsdb offer a genuine opportunity for budding writers like myself to not only gain maximum publicity for their new books, but also to connect with other like-minded people, something which in all practicality is difficult to do in this day and age. For self published writers, getting others to know about their work is a huge challenge, I’ve faced it and I know gaining international recognition is tough. Thanks to Authorsdb, I’m gradually climbing the ladder. I would highly recommend Authorsdb to all authors around the world 🙂